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Telangana MSME Green Industrial Park model is being examined for replication in other places

Telangana MSME Green Industrial Park model is being examined for replication in other places

Business News: Goa said to implement the scheme line on the lines of T-Hub, and We-Hub TASK of Telangana to make the IT segment vibrant. Hence, a week after that and the HSIDC (Haryana State Industrial Development Corporation) visited the Telangana Industrialists Federation MSME Green Industrial Park as part of their study tour.

Telangana MSME Green Industrial Park model is being examined for replication in other places
Telangana MSME Green Industrial Park model is being examined for replication in other places

However, the Industrial Park located in the Dandumalkapur is a novel scheme which is conceived by the Telangana State. This is the first type of project in its kind where the MSME Industrial Park is likely designed to have an integrated township. Well, 60% of the park is allotted to micro, small and medium enterprises.

In the present phase, it is being made of about 543-acre land and allotted to 559 units, there more than 200 units have begun the construction of their production site and they are expected to start by next year in June 2023. The 30 units have already begun their production on the site and the remaining units will start construction soon.

The president of TIF, Sudhir Reddy said, in 2014, they visited many Industrial Parks, just to know how they are being operated, and now they are in a position to do the same, to inspire the other states too. And this all can be possible because of the efforts of the Telangana government in promoting the MSME segment across the Nation. When TIF Green Industrial Park completed its construction and started to operate, it will be the biggest MSME industrial park in South India.

By the Power, water, roads, and other infrastructure of the Industrial Park, it reaches the budget of Rs. 236 crores. The integrated township is planned on about 194 acres to promote the walk to work and will have a good number of schools, markets, some entertainment zones too, and also the other social infrastructure would be there. This project also got the appreciation of DPIIT (department for the promotion of Industry and Internal Trade) Additional secretary and some officials of Invest India visited the Industrial Park this month.

Furthermore, the project is being examined by the Government department and their officials and they will replicate this model of Industrial Parks in other locations too, hence this industrial park is setting a new benchmark in the nation. Also, this park has 40,000 plants inside it and it will have a drip irrigation system.

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Best iconic museums in Telangana

Best iconic museums in Telangana

Ancient paintings, vintage things, Egyptian mummies, architectural heritage, traditional art or naval history – there’s a museum for everything in Telangana. Our State definitely has a lot to offer for a curious traveler. So grab your camera and head down to these museums that deserve to be on travel bucket lists.

Best iconic museums in Telangana
Best iconic museums in Telangana

Buddhist Heritage Museum, Buddhavanam
Nagarjuna Sagar dam region is home to some of the oldest Buddhist civilisations in India and a vast number of historic coins and artefacts were recovered here during the construction of this dam.

Many of these artefacts have now been preserved in the Buddhist Heritage Museum located at the dam in the Nalgonda district. The museum showcases Buddhist sculptures, Buddhist tankas, bronzes, pala, Gandhara sculptures, Ajanta paintings, and stone sculptures.

District Museum Kolanupaka
The Kolanupaka site museum is one of the magnificent museums in India, where one can explore ancient culture and heritage. It contains statues and other objects of relevance for both Hinduism and Jainism. Some of the important sculptures here are that of Mahavira, Matsyavallabha, Chamundi, and Nandi, ranging from the 6th to 16th Century AD. The sculptural gallery exhibits artefacts gathered from the various historical monuments in the village. The museum is situated in the temple complex of Someswara Swamy temple, Kolanupaka, close to the great Jain temple.

Alampur Site Museum
The museum is surrounded by Nava Brahma temples where more than 124 stone sculptures and 26 inscriptional slabs are on display including 64 loose sculptures. It is known for its large and varied collection of sculptures. The collections on display include scores of beautiful pieces originating from the 11th-century Kakatiyas. The sculptures of Nataraja, Mahishasura Mardini, Surya, Kartikeya, and Naga from here were also displayed in many international exhibitions held in London, Germany, Paris, etc.

Multi Purpose Cultural Complex
The Multi Purpose Cultural Complex in Hyderabad hosts many Prehistoric, Neolithic, Megalithic and Early historical artefacts gathered from Amarabad, Yeleswaram, and Andugula. There are also Copper plates, Coins, Wooden objects, Arms and Weapons, Stone sculptures, Porcelain Ware objects, and copies of Ajantha and Chughtai paintings on display here, which capture the attention of the visitors.

Sudha Car Museum
At Sudha Car Museum in Hyderabad, you will come across cars of all sizes, shapes, and themes. If you’re a car enthusiast, this place is for you. With more than 150 varieties of cars, the museum can keep you busy for at least an hour.

Also, don’t miss visiting The Nizam’s Museum and Salar Jung Museum in the city to spot some rare and exquisite artefacts.